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Your custom pool & outdoor living space begins with the assistance from an experienced and skilled designer guiding you in the creation of the design of your pool and/or outdoor retreat.  Using the latest in 3D computer technology, Structure Studio / Pool Studio, Texan Pool Builders will provide you with a realistic 3D visual representation of your complete project.  We take the time to  factor in sun angles, privacy, drainage and the architectural style or theme of your home to complement the finished outdoor space. We design from the inside out by creating the proper site views from key rooms in the house so the house and pool become one.

After starting the design, you will visit our design center to see a variety of tile, coping, grout, plaster and decking samples.   If you want more options we will arrange for you to visit one of our many vendor showrooms.

Our knowledgeable staff is always up to date with new techniques, materials, technologies, and products with an eye for exceptional quality, detail, and design. Pool design, as an art, requires a full knowledge of construction techniques, engineering, plumbing hydraulics, lighting, and all available advanced technologies.

Our goal is to provide the utmost professionalism, timeliness, safety, and superior quality and service to our customers. We invite you to contact us and experience the trust, integrity, and respect that is carried with our name!

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Our Process

Our Step-by-Step Pool Building Process

It’s time to build your pool. Each phase will amaze and fascinate you as we bring the Texan Pool Builders touch to your backyard.

The following is an outline of what the journey will entail:

First, our Director of Operations will visit your yard in preparation for laying out the project. He will make sure there are no obstacles that will interfere with excavation. Next, our project manager will come to mark out the pool, equipment location, skimmers, lights, and any other important features of the project. Texan Pool Builders requires that the client sign off on placement of the pool prior to excavation.

This is an exciting day for many homeowners because they can see their new pool taking shape for the first time. An excavator, dump truck(s) and the dig crew will arrive to dig your pool. Believe it or not, we can drive our smallest tractor through a typical four-foot gate! In most cases, we can excavate your pool in just one day.

Texan Pool Builders engineers our pools to guarantee structural integrity and quality. During the steel phase, we will install the ideal skeletal structure for your pool based on load weights generated by the design and depth of your pool. Block spacers and tie wires will hold the steel approximately three inches above the soil to place the steel curtain in the middle of the pool’s concrete shell and maximize the strength of the pool shell.

Our plumber will make their first visit to the site and stub all pipes pertaining to the pool/spa prior to gunite. All stub lines for your pool filtration system will be quality “Schedule 40” PVC pipe.

At this stage, we will apply or “shoot” the concrete shell of your swimming pool. We use high pressure pneumatically applied gunite to ensure the highest tensile strength and longevity. Our truck or “rig” will pump the gunite through a large hose, which our expert craftsman will use to apply the material. The thickness of your shell will be determined by our engineered plans and is designed to withstand a lifetime of use.

Our plumbers will make their 2nd visit to connect the stub pipes and set your pool equipment. Again, we only use the highest quality “Schedule 40” PVC pipe. After completion. The plumber will put your system under hydrostatic pressure. This allows us to monitor the system for leaks.

A 6 to 12 inch deep trench leading from your existing electric panel to the pool equipment area will provide a space to install the proper wiring. A 360 degree copper bond loop will be used to ground all of your pool equipment and lights. Texan Pool Builders takes extra steps to insure your family and home are built safe.

A crew will be on site to clean up all of the construction debris and fill in the trenches created during the construction thus far.

At this point, our masons will be onsite to start installing the decorative items on your pool. This includes all tile, coping, stone, waterfalls, retaining walls and other features.

It is now time for your decking to be installed. Depending on the type of decking, this phase can take a few days to a couple of weeks to complete.

We will schedule a meeting with you to do a project “walkthrough” to build a list of any items needing to be addressed prior to plaster application. This must take place, be signed off by the customer and completed before we will apply your plaster finish.

The day has finally arrived when Texan Pool Builders will apply the interior surface of your pool. If you have chosen a Marcite plaster product, this takes only a few short hours and then water will begin flowing! If you chose a pebble surface, we will clean and prep your pool on the first day, apply the plaster finish the second day and wash and fill your pool on the third day.

A crew will be on site to clean up all of the construction debris and fill in the trenches created during the process of building your new pool.

Within 48 hours of your pool being full of water, we will come start up the equipment, put in all start up chemicals and ensure that everything is running properly. We will also label all pipes, valves, and equipment. Our technician will make the necessary adjustments to ensure the proper operation of your equipment.

Within 14 days of the pool start up, a Texan Pool Builders representative will provide a thorough and professional orientation on the proper use, care and maintenance of your pool and equipment. Proper care will result in many years of trouble-free enjoyment.

You are now ready to enjoy your pool and backyard retreat!


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